If you are going to drive while down in Mexico, it’s imperative to have authorized insurance. If you are in an accident, and are found at fault, you will be required to pay all damages before being permitted to leave. If you do not pay for the damages, you will likely be incarcerated until you do. Having authorized Mexican car insurance ensures you will meet Mexico’s legal requirements, be able to pay damages, and be on your way at the earliest possible time. It’s nothing to mess around with.

If you want to save money, do not wait until you get to the border to buy your Mexico insurance. RedRock insurance can save you money, and is authorized to sell qualifying policies in Mexico. We also have an A rating from A. M. Best – a global insurance company rating firm. Go with confidence. Go with RedRock!

Mexico Insurance Considerations:

Be sure your Mexico insurance policy covers medical expenses for the driver and passengers for injuries sustained in a covered cause of loss.

Civil Liability Insurance protects you if someone experiences bodily harm, injury or property damage as a result of your driving. Beware of companies that have lower split limits that lower the amount of payment for certain types of losses. Consult your RedRock agent for more details.

Guaranteed Bond and Legal Assistance helps you if you need to deal with Authorities pertaining to a covered cause of loss. Beware of insurance companies that offer Mexico insurance policies without this type of coverage.

Travel Assistance is a good idea and covers things like medical assistance and vehicle towing. Not all policies provide this coverage. If you want it, be sure to ask for it.

Comprehensive coverage is not standard on Mexico insurance, so if you want protection against theft, vandalism, uninsured motorists, increase cost of repairs, and if you want fixed minimum deductibles, be sure to ask for it.

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